Give You, Your Family and Your Assets the Protection they need with the Best Home and Personal Self Defense

I see it over and over again; break ins, burglaries, robberies and home invasions in the quiet suburbs of an upper middle class to affluent area. In the world of law enforcement we say that ‘complacency kills’. Complacency in our homes is no different: We do not want to become complacent or look too inviting for bad guys.


Our homes are considered sacred ground. Your home is where some of your BEST memories are made and we work very, very hard to keep our families in a comfortable and safe environment. Take some time and look to upgrade your home against violence and harden your target.

Criminals like easy targets. When you are out in society you should always have a sense of situational/tactical awareness, and when you are in your home you should always have a plan for the worst case scenario. I often ask students, “Which house would you rob? The house with the front door and windows wide open, the purse sitting on the window sill and money hanging out of it or the house with all the windows and doors shut, alarms signs posted and a large dog barking in the front window. “

Never underestimate the deterrence of a dog on would-be burglars.240x400_bph4_1-cae6563

Now, I am NOT telling everyone to dig a moat and post razor wire around your property, but saying that it can not happen here is simply not a plan! Just keep in mind that here in New Jersey we had a home invasion that was caught on a nanny camera and the whole world got to see just how brutal these attacks are. This attack occurred in a very wealthy and highly rated township where nothing ever happens and the crime rate is extremely low.

As a home owner, there a few things you can do to better fortify your castle. First, lock and fortify your entrance doors. Solid doors and deadbolts locks are a must, but you can also add swing bars or extra locks.

Security film has become an effective tratment to make your house more difficult for a burglar.

Next, any low-lying windows should be shatterproof or reinforced with a security film. 3M makes a security film and now there is a company called Clear-Armor that makes bullet resistant laminate for windows. This product is affordable and it offers a safer home environment! You can also use decorative items for your windows such as shutters, but they limit your sight.

Create an “Alamo” in your house. Look around your home and see if there is a spot that can be fortified and is defensible. Then see if you can store weapons, ammo, food, water, a hard line phone and a cell phone. Your Alamo should be a position where you have a tactical advantage. You want the bad guy entering your Alamo from a position of disadvantage like a “fatal funnel”.

The most important thing that you need to do is have a plan! In your plan you can account for things like, where other weapons can be stored throughout your home, what to say to the 911 operators, average police response time, how to verbalize to the bad guy if needed or if you are given the opportunity.

Remember that in a critical situation you will revert to training so planning and training for this event is critical.
It is a very dangerous world that we live in today. Crime is an unfortunate and very real part of our society. According to FBI crime rates, many of us will fall victim to a violent crime at some point during our lives. According to the same statistics a violent crime takes place on average once every 22.2 seconds here in the USA. Many of these crimes will result in robberies, home burglaries and forcible rape. Whether you are a man or women, have a family or are single, you have a responsibility to yourself and the people you care for to be protected and have the proper security to ensure you and your property’s safety. Home security products and the best non-lethal and legal self defense weapons give you piece of mind knowing that you and your family have the protection you need.

Bulletproof - 600x120

Hopefully you will never have to use your non-lethal self defense weapons and your home’s security products will never be put to the test. However, it is important to have them in case something does happen and give you peace of mind knowing you have the security products and the best non-lethal weapons you need to be safe. There are a variety of home and self defense products and weapons available to help you ensure your personal safety and ward off would-be attackers. However, with so many personal and home defense products available to choose from, finding the best ones can be difficult.
When choosing self-defense weapons you want something that is easy to carry and easy to use. Lethal weapons are big, require permits to carry legally and can be difficult to use. The last thing you want is to pull out a gun and not be able to use it. Now your weapon that was supposed to be used for your defense is in the hands of your assailant. You may think you have it in you to pull the trigger, but it is a lot harder than you may think. Non-lethal self-defense weapons are typically small, easily concealable, legal to carry and simple to use. Refuse to be a victim! Be proactive and take steps today.


NO! “OWNING” A Gun Is NOT Enough!
Let’s face it…you’ve at least made it this far in this letter and that says something about you.

YOU, my friend, are a survivor!

And being a survivor, I know that you’re constantly looking to improve your level of preparedness and you know something that most people don’t know…

…that when it comes to battling the kind of sadistic predators who will invade your home just for the thrill of it…you need every sneaky trick you can pull out to survive!

Unfortunately, most of the home invasion information out there basically just deals with “lock your doors and windows”…”turn your porch light on”…”blah, blah, blah”.

It doesn’t prepare you for what to do once a predator is IN your home, has taken you by suprise, and handcuffs you to a railing right before he takes your family into the next room!

At least no other program prepared you for these impossible odds…until NOW!
“Are You Seriously Going to Put a Price Tag
On Your Life or the Life of Your Family?”

No Amount Of Money In The World Can Grant You The Instant Knowledge Needed To Know EXACTLY What To Do When Your Wife Is Dragged Off Kicking And 15Screaming Into The Next Room!

Listen, I want you to be as well-prepared as you can possibly be. Obviously – I hope you never, ever have to use the strategies in this guide.

But I do want you to have the knowledge that defending your home, your property and your family is your right and your duty. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say.


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