DEFCON 1 – “Nuclear War Imminent” – White House Silent On Severe 9-11 Threat?

Lt. General McInerney warns that we may Not have seen the last of Malaysia Flight 370 “The fact is, we may even see, on 9/11/14, MH-370 resurface again. We should be prepared for anything. We should go to DEFCON-1, which is our highest state of readiness, and be prepared as we lead up to 9/11.” -Ret. Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney. “


“I believe that we should go to DEFCON 1 and be prepared for another strike. … I believe American cities will be attacked and we should be prepared for it,” he said. A message from Evangelist Anita Fuentes reads “I have not been one to preach on prepping food, water, and the like but now I am and will state the following: Purchase some extra water bottles, batteries, flashlights, portable radio and candles, shelf-stable food, medical supplies and a “bug out” bag if you and your family have to head out in a moments notice.”


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