What Really Happens When the Lights Go Out: Grid down Indefinitely

For those of you prepared, a grid collapse is no surprise, but it will still be a shock, and it will be worse than you imagined. Even though you think you are ready, there is no history, no past experiences for comparison because this has never happened before. You will never know if you are ready until it happens.


The three nationwide power grids have been compromised. This is all you know at this point. The hums and whirs of machinery are gone, the vibrations of life sustaining electricity have ceased.

For those with their head in the sand will naturally assume it is a temporary outage, like all the times in the past. Some cellular service is still available but the volume of traffic is overwhelming and calls cannot be made. Some are already having anxiety attacks because they do not have access to their cell phones and computers.

Ham radio operators are trying to get the word out, but at this point, they are preaching to the choir, because those that had their head in the sand have no idea what a Ham Radio even is.

After 24 hours, people are getting concerned because they do not have any information. When is the power going to be back on, and why do I not see any utility trucks on my street. The utility companies across the country know the grid that services their area is essentially destroyed, not in a physical sense, but because of the damage done by either hackers or a virus that has shut down the entire system. The problem is not fully defined yet and there are certainly no solutions at this point. Grid down indefinably, until further notice.

Water treatment plants are not operational their backup generators have run out of fuel and they have no way or replenishing the fuel. People have been drinking their tap water without realizing that water treatment plants have been off line. People simply do not understand the level of dependency they have on their local, state and federal governments until the government stops providing. The nation’s power grid is down and the government has now stopped providing for the time being.

Stoplights do not work but this does not stop people from racing up and down the highways looking for answers and trying to prepare for what has already happened. A day late and a dollar short when it comes to being prepared, a little too late indeed.

Intersections are a tangled mess of damaged cars and injured people, because people drive faster when they panic, getting there at all is never the objective, but just to drive until you find a solution is the thoughts of some.

Grocery stores are overwhelmed, and those stores that tried to close are ransacked for perishable items that will be taken home to spoil on some kitchen counter. Pharmacies will be raided for life saving drugs and for drugs to sell. Every crisis brings out those looking to make money and people will spend hours of thought coming up with moneymaking schemes to fit any calamity.


Some people have never been in complete darkness, they never had a reason to be. There have always been lights, streetlights, light spilling from a neighbor’s home as you played outside, the glow from a neighboring town always lit up the horizon, and you grew up not knowing what complete darkness is. There are lights from cell phones, computer screens, vehicles, buses, taxies and lights from businesses lighting up the city every night, all night. Who has experienced complete darkness, well now everyone will experience it?

Looters will of course be out in full force the first night of darkness, but even they will sense something is not right. Prehistoric humans realized the need for shelter at night and made it a priority. Today humans like to think they are apex predators, but there is not as much need anymore. Evolution over time adapts humans and other life to the environment in which they survive.


Most people do not need to be a predator. Food is handed to them in grocery stores, restaurants and at food banks. For the most part you can walk out your front door and not be accosted by other predators, ones bigger than you are, well that is until possibly now.

Once the darkness is complete, people will change and those ancient predators still among us will begin to hunt, and in others, in the lizard part of their brains, things will change and humans will almost immediately begin to adapt to their environment.

A crisis will bring out the best and the worst in people. After three days, the citizens in many of the cities will be demanding answers, and demonstrating to show their displeasure. Riots may break out in small pockets here and there, but people will be afraid, and most will realize that demonstrations are not the answer. Something or someone has failed them and they know it, and they sense the country has changed already.

Those not prepared will suffer mightily, and no one will be there to help, nor will most even care, because once the lizard part of your brain tells you it is survival of the fittest and natural selection is at play compassion is only reserved for loved ones.

People will in the beginning naturally see to their families and themselves first. It will take months of no electricity before people come together to try to solve the problems besieging their cities and communities.

The problem is simple however, and the solution even simpler, learn to move forward without the benefits of electricity. People did it for thousands of years, and if the grid does collapse, people will have to do it again. There is simply no substitute, so the answer is to learn to live without it, for the time being anyway.

Source: prepforshtf.com

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  1. For those that have already forgotten, we saw a preview of what will happen after Sandy hit the east coast. The media didn’t report everything, but, a lot went on that exemplifies what human nature is all about. Heck, we even saw mis-use of official’s authority. And this only lasted a few weeks. Can’t imagine what it would be like if it was indefinite.

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