21 Survival Uses For Dental Floss

Most everyone knows that dental floss is an integral part of daily oral hygiene but how many of you knew that dental floss was also a key component to a survival kit? In fact, for the little that it weighs and the amount of space that  it takes, dental floss could very well be one of the most valuable components in your survival tool kit!


  1. Sewing – It is hard to beat the durability of dental floss, especially when it comes to making emergency repairs to clothing and equipment. Unwaxed dental floss is typically the best option for sewing.
  2. Whip A Rope – This is the best way to keep a rope that is not nylon from unraveling. Check out this tutorial to see how to whip a rope.
  3. Replace A Shoelace – This is pretty straight forward but doubling or tripling the thickness of the floss will work best.
  4. Clothesline – Fall in the lake? No big deal, just tie up some floss between two trees and hang your clothes up to dry.
  5. Trip Wire – A nice tight length of dental floss is a great trip wire for an early warning device. Just make sure to rub some dirt on the floss to keep it from standing out like…well, a piece of white dental floss tied between two trees.

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