The Best 5 Bug out Locations in the US

In the survivalist parlance of our times, when we’re using the term “bugout” we’re referring to getting away  from danger after a society collapse scenario or a natural/manmade disaster .Getting away  ASAP from the big bad city if anything nasty happens seems like the right thing to do. After all, who wants to fight with the hordes of hungry and desperate people, not to mention the gangs of criminals, looting and fighting for the last supplies?


If society collapses, regardless the reason, big cities will look like Dante’s Inferno in no time, mark my words folks (just think about the aftermath  of Hurricane Katrina). And don’t count on the police to help you out if disaster strikes; they will be out there protecting their own families, not you.

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  1. Have you seen the U.S. Navy map of the U.S.? Whole states in the U.S. will be under water and coastlines where people live gone. Better rethink bugout locations. What if you don’t own land where can you go I live in my van?

  2. You have 2 options basically.
    1.) Go into the high country. Eastern US anywhere in the Applation Mountains.
    Western US- You have the Rocky Mtns. & the Sierra Mountains.
    The reason I say the Mountains is there are places you can hide out in. Now your Van. If it’s color won’t blend in. Paint it. Md. Green, Brown, or a Combo of each. Use paint brushes its faster. it can dry on the go.

  3. I can relate to your writing’s in these posting’s I like to think out of my neighborhood I am very serious of my & family’s intent to be ready.I know about ISIS can e a very serious threat to our lives too.There is a lot to consider but I am getting things ready.what paperwork should I bring w/ us,I.D.,etc..I would appreciate any feedack.

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