Home Safety Now and During a Crisis

We all know disaster could strike at any time and it’s possible you could find yourself and your family in a crisis situation at a moment’s notice. This is why it is imperative that you prepare ahead of time and know what to do if a catastrophic event occurs.


Here are 3 ways to prepare your home for safety now and during a crisis scenario.

Home Security

The first step you should consider is home security.

There are a few different considerations regarding home security. First off, you should invest in a home security system as this will protect you now and come in very handy during a disaster situation. Go here to peruse some viable home security options.200x200-bulletproof3

Secondly, as a backup layer of security you should be prepared to board up windows and other points of entry. Ensure you have a sufficient amount of plywood sheets or other boards to cover all glass openings around your home to deter and prevent looters or other nefarious characters from entering your house. This increased level of security will keep you from becoming an easy target if looting becomes prevalent.

Finally, you should have some sort of home defense weapon, just in case. This will come as a last line of defense option, but one that may be necessary. A weapon can also act as a deterrent and prevent raiders from targeting you. Remember to keep any firearms with you at all times to avoid children getting a hold of them.

Food and Water

Next up is food and water.

If you need to bunker down for an extended period of time, it will be important to have access to an abundant food and water stockpile. One option for this is to build a pantry and storage area into or under your home. Simply ensure that the area is easily accessible from within the home while still being secure from potential thieves.

Another option if you don’t have any spare room at the house (or want to have a backup stockpile) is to create an off-site stockpile at a nearby storage unit. Emphasis here is on nearby, as you don’t want to have to travel far in a crisis scenario. This option isn’t ideal, but it may be the only feasible choice you have. Also, storage units can be easily converted to store food and if needed you could gradually transfer your stockpile to your home.

Have a Backup Plan

Finally, you need to make sure certain redundancies are in place and that you always have a backup plan.

For example, during a calamity it is likely the grid will go down and you could lose electricity. This is why you need to have some standby plans in place. Keep a well-stocked supply of batteries for flashlights as well as some easily accessible backup generators.

Also, you need to have a backup location you could retreat to if needed. Even if you take all the necessary precautions outlined in this article, it’s still possible that your home becomes compromise and you are forced to leave.

Along with having a safe backup location picked out, it’s essential that you have an emergency vehicle ready that can get you there at the drop of a hat.

Things can change quickly during a disaster and it is important to always have a fallback plan. Having backup plans and supplies is a big part of proper preparation.

Nobody wants to find themselves and their family in the dire situation of trying to survive during a catastrophe. However, these things do happen and it’s important to prepare yourself for the immediate future and moving forward. Consider some of the procedures listed in this post to prepare your home for safety now and during a crisis.


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