Nuclear Winter: A Nightmare That Could Become Reality

Scientists believe that a large scale nuclear war would cause nuclear winter, catapulting large amounts of soot, dust, and smoke into the Earth’s stratosphere — blocking out the sun for several months.

 Nuclear Winter: A Nightmare That Could Become Reality

To survive a nuclear winter, you need to prepare well beforehand, understand safe behaviors, and stay cautious, especially if groups of people begin to roam the streets. When looking at surviving a nuclear winter, it’s best to be safe until the facts are known. In this brief article we are assuming the winter will last ten years.

What Is Nuclear Winter

Nuclear winter is a theoretical concept. In short, many scientists believe that a large scale nuclear war would change the global climate in great proportion. This is because such a war would likely catapult large amounts of soot and smoke (aerosol particles) into the Earth’s stratosphere. Along with this, the ash and dust (which could settle in the stratosphere for months or even years) would likely travel by wind over a great distance to create a wall between the Earth and the Sun.

Sunlight would have difficulty breaking through, and this would cause the temperatures to drop.

A study gone over at the annual American Geophysical Meeting in December of 2006 cited that even a small scale regional nuclear war could mess with the global climate for a decade or more. So the possibility of nuclear winter, especially considering the fact that we’re experiencing obvious global climate change without any such happening, is something to worry about.


PREPARE: Winterize your home:

 We really have no idea how cold it could get during a nuclear winter. Some belive that is going to get real cold, polar cold. With the already changing global climate, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.In the last years we’ ve seen real temperature drops during winter,the so called polar vortex.

 .  Install weather-stripping around doors and windows;

.  Put insulating film over windows and insulation in the attic and basement; and

.  Learn as much as you can about home repair now. Make sure you have a good manual and the tools you need to fix appliances and other equipment for ten years.


PREPARE: Have the right supplies and food at home (in addition to what is in your “normal” supplies):


.  Protective gear for every family member: layers of warm, insulated clothing with hoods, goggles, waterproof boots, several pairs of gloves;

.  If possible, set up a greenhouse. Plant and store non-hybrid seeds. The best areEMP_1 wheat, soybeans, rye, barley, alfalfa, and corn (all of which are excellent sources of nutrients). Though high levels of ultraviolet light may stunt these plants’ growth somewhat, they’d still produce food; and

Stock non-perishables, jerky and other kinds of dried meat at least for a year.In fact, no matter what tipe of emergency you would need to fece this is a must. (Ideal diet is 50 percent carbs, 30 percent fat, and the rest protein, give or take a few percentage points).Remember that a long winter and the absence of sunlight would have a big impact on our ability to grow our own food.Finding ways to produce food will become your top priority.

 . Have tools for home repair, excess attic and basement insulation on hand, even spray foam insulation so that if the crap ever does hit the fan — and temperatures around the world plummet — you’ll be ready, and able to add insulation to key areas of your home. You just might make it through a really cold winter.


PREPARE: Additional supplies to get you through the first year include:

 .  Sweaters, thermal shirts, thermal underwear, tights, and similar clothing that can be worn in layers (in addition to warm coats);

.  Kearny fallout meterCounter;

.  Potassium Iodate (KI03) tablets, baking soda and apple cider vinegar;

.  N95 particulate respirator masks and home air filter(s);

.  Extra soap, sponges and/or bristled brush (vegetable scrubbing brush); and

A manual that explains how to use all of these supplies.


PREPARE:Practice safe behaviors at all times during nuclear winter:


.  If you are near the blast area, move immediately to your nuclear shelter that has an entrance designed to reduce fallout exposure; 

.  If you have to go outside proceed with a great deal of caution, especially that first year. You will need to cover yourself from head to toe protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays; and

.  Pay special attention to protection of the vulnerable in your household. Keep children and the elderly protected. 

 Finally, remember to stay away from crowds. No matter how the duration of the winter, at some point people are going to become frustrated, scared, and angry. They will likely take to the streets, especially in the cities. For this crowd, often whipped up into a frenzy by a few people with an tendency towards violence, if you are not with them you are against them. If you keep your cool and a low profile, you and our family have a much better chance of survival.   


 Nuclear winter is just one of the many disasters that could befall the world. There is no better time than now to begin assembling a preparedness kit. You will need more of everything, plus some specialized equipment. Pay heed to this list, keep your cool, and if anyone can survive, you can.


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  1. The chemtrails the evil traitors spray every day globally for the past ten years is also causing a serious lack of sunlight and a serious rise in alzheimers. All your governments and media are completely treasonous criminals that deserve to be at the end of a rope!

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