Surviving a pandemic outbreak requires preparing your body to fight first. And that means getting healthy. 



Viruses, which are at the root of epidemics, can’t survive on their own. They need a host, and for many viruses, their favorite host is man. A healthy body is more likely to keep the virus away or, if it grabs hold, is more likely to survive the attack.

The top actions you need to take to survive a pandemic outbreak are:


  1. Strengthen your immune system. Begin strengthening your body right now to fight off viruses (this is not muscle strength, it is internal). If you’re an avid smoker or drinker, start backing off now. If you have some extra padding around your mid-section, work on reducing that now. Get your whole family involved and take and store pro-biotic supplements and add immune-system boosters to your diet (i.e., garlic, spinach, grapefruit, sweet potatoes, yogurt, tea, Acidophilus, elderberry, cabbage, acai berry, almonds, watermelon, grapefruit and wheat germ).


  1. Stockpile protective personal gear.  This includes goggles, respirators or N95 masks, nitrile gloves, Tyvek-type clothing, and waterproof boots. You can get most of these in bulk at places like  In the case of the respirators, masks and goggles, it’s really important to make sure they fit so research what you are getting before buying in bulk.


  1. Stockpile water and water filtration supplies. (This includes personal water filtration equipment.) Understand at all times where your water is coming from.


  1. Amp up your First Aid/Medical Supplies Kit. Make sure you have plenty of antiseptic wipes and sanitizers, biohazard bags, disinfectants, medicines for diarrhea and flu Symptoms, analog thermometer, Chap Stick, and chemical hot and cold packs. Also, learn important behaviors now that will help you when the epidemic is at your doorstep:


.   Wash your hands often, and wash them well;

.   Know how to put on and disposing of personal protective gear;

.   Know how to sanitize doorknobs and phones, the refrigerator handle, counter tops and faucets; and

.   Know how to establish and maintain a safe room for those in your family who may have contracted the disease.

.   Stockpile chlorine as disinfectant


  1. Once you know that the epidemic is here, add the following to your personal habits:

.   Stay at least six feet away from people who could be ill;

.   Keep your children, elders and other vulnerable people away from the general population; and

.   Know where your food and water is coming from at all times.


  1. Get your family involved. Make sure you have talked with, planned with, and practiced the above with your family, from toddler to elder.  You are only going to be as safe as the weakest link. If you are all healthy, and all practice safe behaviors, you all have a better chance of surviving.


All of the above is, of course, is in addition to having a well-stocked emergency preparedness kit. It takes time, but it will be worth the effort if you and your family are to survive and thrive after a pandemic outbreak. Survival M.D. is the best guide in surviving a pandemic.You can watch the video presentation of Survival M.D. here.

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