Top 77 items that instantly vanish from store shelves if SHTF

Use this information as a jump start for you to continue research in this area. Then take it a step further and create plans for action. Do it now while you still can. You’ll never be sorry.

Top 77 items that instantly vanish from store shelves if SHTF

1. Water

2. Batteries

3. Flashlights

4. Ice

5. Candles

6. Matches

7. Toilet paper

8. Paper plates, paper towels

9. Heavy duty aluminum foil

10. Water filters

11. Flour

12. Sugar

13. Milk

14. Powdered milk

15. Coffee

16. Canned soup

17. Soup mixes

18. Bouillon cubes

19. Hand-held can openers

20. Dry cereal

21. Diapers

22. Wet wipes

23. Baby food

24. Baby formula

25. Sanitary napkins & tampons

26. Bath soap

27. Laundry detergent

28. Waterless hand sanitizer

29. Disinfectant

30. Bleach

31. Trash bags

32. Re-sealable plastic bags

33. Toothpaste

34. Tooth brushes

35. Shampoo and conditioner

36. Shaving equipment

37. Lanterns


38. Lantern fuel

39. Lantern wicks or mantles

40. Butane igniter

41. Charcoal grills

42. Charcoal

43. Camp stoves

44. Propane for camp stoves

45. Pocket knife

46. Army knife

47. Vitamin supplements

48. Antacids

49. Antibiotics

50. Rubbing alcohol

51. Hydrogen peroxide

52. Laxative and diarrhea remedies

53. Antihistamine

54. Epsom salts

55. Bandages

56. Sterile gauze pads

57. First-aid tape

58. Portable toilets

59. 5-gallon plastic buckets

60. Gas-driven generators

61. Gasoline storage containers

62. Duct tape

63. Chain-saws

64. Cast iron Dutch oven

65. Cast iron frying pan

66. Bug spray

67. Mouse traps

68. Mouse bait (D-Con)

69. Thermal underwear

70. Insulated coveralls

71. Heavy work gloves

72. Boots / rain gear

73. Band saws

74. Axes

75. Solar panels

76. Hand-crank radios

77. Canvas and nylon tarps

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