How To Chose The Right Survival Knife

Ever since the movie “Rambo” came out, everybody thinks a “Survival Knife” is this huge piece of steel, with a hollow handle to hold a survival kit. It looks cool in the movies, and you can find them all over the internet.



How To Chose The Right Survival Knife

But that’s exactly where they should stay – in the movies and on your computer screens – not in your survival pack!

First of all, that hollow metal or plastic handle that you think is so spiffy is only held on with a simple nut or even a small dab of epoxy glue in the real cheap examples! They can easily break under the kind of abuse a real survival knife needs to be built to take. And about the stuff in that handle – yes it is good stuff to have, but what happens if you lose the knife?

Now you are down both a knife, and a bunch of useful supplies! You would be better off carrying the water-proof matches, fishing line, etc. that is concealed in the handle, in your pocket, or a small personal kit, or other container.

Remember the purpose of a knife in your Go Bag is not to be a weapon, but a tool, and you want a knife that was best designed for that purpose, and nothing else.

You need to look for a knife that is a “full tang.” This is also sometimes called a “one piece” or “integrated design.”

It means the blade becomes the handle, usually with side pieces attached to both sides for improved grip. How the blade tapers into the handle (or pommel) can differ depending on the model, but the important thing to remember is that you want a single piece of steel.

Full tangs are essential for maximum strength and utility. If you have decided to carry a machete as part of your bag, same rules apply.

Stick to name brands in knives or machetes like SOG or Gerber. You will never hear a complaint from someone who spent top-dollar on a survival blade; you probably won’t hear at all from someone who didn’t!

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  1. Hi!

    thank you for this great article!
    It is really not easy, to find the best survival knife – there are so many of them, and you will buy the best and the one you need.

    I have a blog about kitchen knifes in germany. Survival Knifes are not so popular here (not now!), but there are also some laws you have to watch if you want to buy a knife.

    The knife blade musn’t be longer then your palm – if it is, you are, so the law says, armed and this is here in germany against the law 🙁

    best regards and keep going on!

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