Most People Don’t Want to Prep for a Disaster and Here’s Why They Will Regret It

We are experiencing horrible natural disasters regularly these days. California is in its 4th year of the worst drought in its history, and unfortunately it supplies 10% of the entire world’s food. Oklahoma is seeing a 500% increase in the number of earthquakes it normally has.


Most People Don’t Want to Prep for a Disaster and Here’s Why

Tornadoes are stronger than ever before. And all of these are only the disasters that nature is providing us. How about the disasters that men and governments are creating for us? We still have nuclear weapons in the hands of many governments, and terrorists who are hell bent on getting their hands on them. We have a world economy that is on the verge of collapse, and the average individual doesn’t seem to notice.

“Preppers” see the potential for collapse of everything that we take for granted, and they have decided to be prepared for an extreme catastrophe by taking very deliberate steps to be able to survive one. The majority of the population, however, has made the choice not to prepare for such a crisis, and these are their reasons:

  1. We’ll be able to depend upon our government to help us and provide for us. Really? Tell that to the victims of Katrina or to those who lost their homes and their life savings when the big banks collapsed in 2008 and they lost their jobs and their unemployment ran out.
  2. Preppers are neurotic isolationists who don’t have a life, so they become obsessed with something they can be a part of. “The prepping culture is a loosely formed cult, and I don’t want any part of it.” Spoken exactly like someone who does not understand what prepping really is! People spend a great deal of time worrying and planning for their futures. They save, they invest, and they try to help their kids get through college. All of this is a type of “prepping,” just of a different variety. So, what if the next financial crash wipes out their savings, their jobs, their investments, and their kids’ futures? What if they are out on the street with nowhere to go and nothing to eat? They haven’t “prepped” for that, but we have. We’ll have shelter, food, water, and the means to protect our property.
  3. There’s no point in prepping for a huge catastrophe. We can’t predict it, and, if it’s bad enough, everyone will be dead anyway. It will just be God’s will. “If it’s my time to go, it’s just my time.” This is assuming, of course, that God did not give man free will and the ability to be self-reliant. Prepping for a major disaster is simply being smart – being the self-reliant people we were supposed to be.
  4. People will come together in a huge catastrophe and help each other out. We’ll all give what we can to each other. That’s a really nice thought, but it doesn’t take into account basic human nature, which is individual survival. People can “talk a good game” now, but when it comes down to absolute survival, everyone will really be on his/her own and will only have himself to rely on.
  5. It can’t happen here. We have too many resources. This is the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand. The world is a dangerous place now and becoming more dangerous with each day. No one can say with any certainty that it “won’t happen here.” The smart move is to be prepared when and it does “happen here.”
  6. My friends and family will think I’m nuts! It’s amazing how peer pressure still exists in adult society. We always think of it as something that we leave behind in high school. People thought Thomas Edison was nuts; people thought Einstein was nuts. There will always be people who do not approve of you or who criticize your behaviors. It’s time to put what other’s think aside, and do what you should for yourself and your family. And doing that includes being prepared to survive and to protect your loved ones when and if the time comes.


One final thought: What if, as the naysayers claim, the major doomsday catastrophe does not occur in our lifetimes? What have we lost by being prepared? Nothing!

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2 Replies to “Most People Don’t Want to Prep for a Disaster and Here’s Why They Will Regret It

  1. Why do you think so many military and Veterans are prepared? Because we have SEEN it for real in many, many other countries! We have seen what people become in those situations with our own eyes… We know from first hand experience…

    And so those that scoff at this, they will probably continue doing so until the very end… while still waiting for someone to come save them or give them food and water…

  2. Prepping is biblical as well. Proverbs 22:3 is a perfect way to introduce this…It is also biblical to sound the alarm and warn others as well. Ezekiel 33:6 is a good verse for this as well….

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