7 Survival Uses Of The Willow Tree With Videos

Because of his properties willow tree is one of the best trees you can find in the wild. His wood can be used in many ways in a survival situation.

willow tree

#1 First and the most important use is as natural aspirin due to its properties that suppresses pain.

There are 4 simple steps to follow:

Warning People who are allergic or sensitive to salicylates such as aspirin should not use willow bark.

Step 1: Find a willow tree Find a tree in the willow family. Examples include quaking aspens, big tooth aspens, white willows, black willows, crack willows, purple willows, and weeping willows.

Step 2: Remove bark Cut into the tree’s bark, strip it off, and isolate the inner bark. In spring and summer, the bark can be removed in long continuous strips.


If you cannot peel the bark off, scrape off the inner and outer bark using the edge of a sharp knife.

Step 3: Make a tea Simmer 2 teaspoons of the inner bark in a cup of water for 10 minutes. Let it cool before drinking.


If you cannot make a tea, an option is to chew on the bark.


Step 4: Avoid overdosing Drink no more than 4 cups of this tea each day. Overdosing has been known to occur.

Did You Know?

Aspirin works by reducing the production of pain-triggering hormones called prostaglandins.

Here’s a step-by-step video showing you just how you can make the equivalent of aspirin in the middle of the woods.

All you’ll need is to be able to locate a willow tree and you’ll be all set to having your own aspirin equivalent in no time.

#2 Willow tree is the best material you can find in the woods for building a funnel fish trap due to its elasticity. Here’s a great video on how to make your own funnel fish trap in case of necessity. In this video the funnel fish trap is built out of bamboo but the ideea and the concept for building this trap is the same.


#3 Willow bark is a great material to make cordage. Cordage is a very important item in the wilderness because of its many uses. You can use it to make a shelter, or make traps, etc


A very important thing when gathering the willow shoots witch you’ll peel off is to choose the long, straight and smooth ones. Here’s a great video that explains how to make cordage.


#4 Willow wood is great for making bows and arrows because it’s a light wood and easy to carve.ait has been used by all the natives in southern California for making bows. If you are going to make a bow out of willow you are going to make it wider and longer because it’s a relatively weak wood. To make arrows cut the straight shoots to the right size, bundle them and let them dry. After is dried you’ll have a great arrow shaft.
#5 You can make a lot of traps with willow wood. For example the number 4 trap (you can use it for any trap that use a trigger), deadfall trap, arapuca trap, etc.

#6 Baskets are very useful in the wild. You can use them to gather wild berries, mushrooms or you can improvise a small game or bird trap (basket fall trap)as shown in the image bellow.

basket fall trap

#7 Willow is great for craft and tool material. Your hearth and drill to start a fire are ideally made out of willow. To make these items you pill the bark off and let the wood dry very well.



Save the bark that you pill of the wood as it may serve as medicine later.

Stay safe,




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  1. Hi
    I saw i willow used for a pop up for ice fishing, Cut a v branch one short one long.
    Tie your line to the long one. Place a stick across the hole. Place your line in the water with the v of the branch across the stick. tie a old can to the short end, with nuts in the can to tell you when you have a fish on. Who needs a pop up when willow poles are

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