Edible Wild Plants Guide. Over 100 Wild Edible Plants With Video

Wild edible plants are leafy green plants that grow in the wild unattended places all over the world. There are specific varieties that are edible to humans and can be picked for free in ‘’nature’s garden’’. Foraging for wild food is one of the humankind’s most basic survival instincts that has long been forgotten since the invention of large scale agriculture.


Edible wild plants

While cultivated foods have their place in modern day living, there is no comparison to the wild nutrition these edibles can provide. Wild greens are the origins of all hybridized green leafy vegetables we know today. Fortunately, we can still consume our wild nutrients by gathering edible wild plants when we find them growing in uncultivated patches of land. It is best to be familiar with wild plants, what they look like and where they thrive in your local area or the areas you travel often.

It is very important that you positively identify all wild plants before you eat them as there are many poisonous plants and look-a-likes. Wild plants can be great super foods when the times are hard. The taste of wild edibles can take some getting used to if you are accustomed to cultivated plants. Most wild plants have strong flavors and some can be quite bitter.


These tastes can be camouflaged by cooking them. The video bellow will present over 100 wild edible plants and how you can cook and consume them safely.



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