Best U.S. places to survive the apocalypse

It’s the end of the world

These days it’s impossible to avoid talk of the apocalypse. YouTube offers hundreds of thousands of clips that warn viewers about their fate and advise them how to survive. And Hollywood has been cashing in with blockbuster apocalyptic films that explore everything from plagues and nuclear warfare to aliens and zombies.


The summer of 2013 has seen an inordinate number of end-of-the-world films, including “This Is The End,” “Pacific Rim” and the highly-anticipated Brad Pitt movie, “World War Z.” (Perhaps Pitt should read our guide to surviving a zombie outbreak.)

With that much screen time devoted to the end of the world, it raises a natural question: Where should you go if all hell breaks loose? We’ve got some options for you.


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  1. Is this site or article not mobile friendly?
    Opened the page both in facebook and then in the Android browser and did not see the link of the list or any other options. Everything else on page seems to be present.

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