FEMA Preparing For Disaster By October 1st

Interesting video.

I’m not sure how legit all the claims made are, but it is interesting to note that this video was published August 18th, which is before the Syria fiasco.  Syria went ape shit on August 21st with the gas attacks.  When you take this video in conjunction with the gas attacks and the reports of undocumented nuclear weapons movement

How much do you want to bet we see a major “terrorist” attack occur the first week of October?  Either that, or they are going to blow Syria up on the first week of October and are planning for retaliatory strikes.

The national debt has been frozen for a while now and the money printers are running out of tricks to hide their fraud from the world.  I think they are going to do something incredibly stupid as a last ditch effort to keep control over their dying empire.



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