Author: Chris Black

How To Build A Rocket Mass Heater

Rocket Mass Heaters, also known by the acronym RMH, are the latest rage when it comes to extremely efficient and sustainable heating methods using low tech [...]

DIY Winter Water Heaters For Chicken Coop

If you’re a chicken farmer, you may already know that chickens actually thrive in colder temperatures, as they’re designed with a unique ability. They are [...]

Surviving Off-grid: Hot Water From Your Wood Stove

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Tips for Bow Hunting for Survival

I know, we’re living in the age of drones and wireless internet, we have a space program and ICBM’s, we landed on Mars, we have hybrid cars and most of us [...]

This Is How To Protect Your Firewood During Winter

To quote one of my favorite movies, “Brace yourself, winter is coming” folks. And if you’ve chosen wood for heating your homestead, you should pay [...]

Survival Garden: How To Make Cold Frames

Today’s article is aimed at preppers who aren’t lucky enough to live in warm or temperate climates yet are willing to try to grow their own survival [...]

How to Field Dress an Animal

Hunting and fishing are the bread and butter for all survivalists out there. Besides being a very enjoyable activity for your spare time, hunting actually [...]

Survival Skills To Learn From The Sailors

Prepping for a major disaster is almost like preparing to embark on a great adventure. [...]

5 Ancient European Recipes For Your Survival Kitchen

Food and survival are symbiotic things, I mean, you can’t think about surviving without food, water and shelter, right? [...]

DIY Projects: 4 Ways To Heat A Greenhouse

  In one of my recent articles I thoroughly discussed the “how to’s” of DIY-ing your own greenhouse. Now, let’s address another issue: how to [...]

Survival Skills To Learn From African Tribal People

Africa is said to be the cradle of civilization, and also one of the most fascinating people on Earth. In order to survive there, humans have had to adapt to [...]

Survival Skills To Learn From Eskimo People

Today, changing weather patterns mean that more people will need to learn how to survive in extreme temperatures. [...]