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Baking in the Wild: How to Make Bannock Bread

This article first appeared on By Darren Bush Unless you’ve spent a lot of time in the woods on longer trips, you’re probably [...]

Stocking Up For Troubled Times, Americans Return to Tradition of “ Prepping for the Unforeseen”

This article was written by Daniel Barker and originally published at Natural Editor’s Comment: Hard times are driving Americans back to [...]

Lessons From History – Eating Well Off Home Food Preservation

Growing and storing foods is commonly a goal we strive for as we seek self-sufficiency. [...]

42 Experts Share their 3 Best Survival Tips When Lost in the Wilderness

This article has been generously contributed by Conrad Novak from Survivor's Fortress for [...]

Hardtack: A Simple DIY Survival Food From History

With only two ingredients and a little time you can stockpile a survival food that’s been used for centuries. [...]

Living In a Homestead Could Get You “SWAT Raided For Code Violations”

Editor’s Comment: It isn’t just that most people aren’t prepared to live off the land, it is that the system wants to force you to live on the grid, and [...]

Problems You Should Expect With Raising Backyard Chickens

This article has been contributed by James Smith, a reader of the blog. Chickens are by and large healthy, tough, and cheerful creatures that likewise can [...]

Straw Bale Gardening: Smart Reasons To Grow More Food In Less Space With Little Effort

This article first appeared on Limited space? No soil? Toxic or rocky ground? [...]

The Lost Ways Book Review

You can never be sure when a disaster strikes. In fact, when you face disasters all you do is worry. If you are too worried about what the future holds for [...]

Long Term Survival – How To Build An Earth Sheltered Dwelling (video)

I don’t remember where I found these pictures, so it’s hard to credit the proper owner. If they belong to you or you know where they originate, leave a [...]

The Push For Full Disarmament of America Has Begun: “Outright Gun Ban and Mass Confiscation Once and For All”

This article was originally published by Alex Thomas at CNN and liberal professor push for outright gun ban and mass confiscation “once [...]

How To Build The Best Survival Shelter On A Budget

If you are planning to bug out to a remote location, you probably think about building a permanent home that will remain unnoticed and able to withstand many [...]