Blackout USA – The Biggest 21st Century Apocalypse

The 21st Century is full of uncertainties. The evil of man, mother nature or God can throw any disaster towards us and at any point of time, without even giving us a single hint. Are we well prepared for the next disaster or a series of upcoming disasters? The next blackout USA will turn the United States into a 3rd world country. It is just coming in next 12 to 13 months and if you’re thinking that our government has proper gears to shield us against any high altitude catastrophe, then you are certainly WRONG!

The upcoming blackout USA is so dominant that it will blow up 281 million US citizens in its first level. And, although CIA, NASA and Pentagon are trying to warn us like crazy, no mainstream media channel or radio is willing to talk about this.


Well, it may sound unrealistic at first, but after looking at the shocking facts in this post, you will witness the indubitable proof of this “mother of all cataclysms”. In fact, just few seconds after this blow, all your social structures will be upturned and will place you at the peak of “food chain”. The majority of your preps like home protection systems, stockpile and so on, will become useless, if you won’t get ready for this devastating debacle without losing much time.

Here’s what it’s all about-

The Solar Flares

NASA is constantly issuing forewarnings about this. The solar flares are weather phenomenon of space. After specific time period of the solar cycle, the sun will start to experience violent activities on its surface and this will cause massive explosions that can affect Earth in many aspects. Eventually, the large shafts of solar are emitted into space and once they hit our environment they’ll cause EMPs (Electro Magnetic Pulses).


EMP fries the sensitive circuits in just a few seconds, the ones that are readily available in most of your home appliances, gadgets, electronic systems and a lot more. A single hit of solar flare will break down all major power grids in US, telecommunication satellites, transportation systems and even the utilities like water. It will just send you back to the dark age!

The blackout USA will ultimately trigger numerous death waves-

  1. First, citizens would die just after the EMP attack. The condition of aged and people on the life-support will be even worse, as most of the hospitals and medical systems won’t function properly without the steady power supply.
  2. Next, the chronically ill are wiped out. People won’t be able to get their necessary medications just like the previous death waves of bubonic plague and similar pandemics.
  3. The third one will be poor sanitation. Due to the absence of waste handling systems or garbage collecting, and also due to the first death wave that would apparently produce huge sanitation problems, it will trigger a massive pandemic.
  4. Finally, the last death wave would be led by desperate looters. They’d bang your society and become vulnerable day by day. Just memorize the London riots or what happened in the Katrina and during the hurricane Sandy.



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