There are ten basic core essentials for staying alive in a survival or bug out situation. Knowing these ten requirements can prolong your days long enough to either be rescued or to keep you safe indefinitely. Learn and practice these skills so when it comes time to apply, you are ready to execute on demand. The following “essentials” are not ranked in importance.10 ESSENTIALS TO KEEP YOU ALIVE

  1. A Positive Attitude Keeping a positive attitude may seem to be darn impossible in a situation where you’re hungry, thirsty and tired – but convincing yourself to see the silver lining is hugely important. We as humans tend to make a reality of what we believe, so stay positive!
  2. Food Source It goes without saying, food makes everything better. To keep yourself energized and able to prolong your quest for rescue, food is nearly a necessity especially if you are expending lots of calories. Access to a good food source also keep your attitude positive and helps you keep a clear train of thought.
  3. Water Source Water has to be at the top of the list of essentials. It’s way more important than food. Look in your surroundings to find drinkable water, but don’t forget to purify it with a natural filter or boiling it with a fire. We can only last a day or two without hydration!
  4. Ample Clothing Protecting your body from the elements and maintaining core body temperatures are a necessity. Infections caused by scrapes or cuts can prove to be killers in the wilderness. Keep your clothing dry, especially in a cold environment to reduce your chance of getting hypothermia.
  5. Shelter This goes along with the clothing aspect. Keep what you have dry. It’s hard to build fires in wet conditions and it’s difficult to keep your clothes dry without shelter. Pretty much common sense, but one of the first things you should do is survey your environment to establish appropriate shelter.
  6. Fire Without fire you can’t stay warm, you can’t cook food, you can’t boil water and you can’t signal for help very well. It’s truly a staple for any survival situation. Fire is also good for keeping unwanted predators away while you sleep!
  7. Navigation Use a compass, stars, the moon to find your bearings. Familiarize yourself with your surroundings – make landmarks so you know where you’ve been. Getting lost in a strange place is the worst possible scenario.
  8. Pay Attention to Weather Take precautions when it comes to weather. If you know you are in immediate danger of straight line winds or torrential down pours, shelter instantly becomes your number one priority. If it’s snow or freezing weather, fire really becomes more important.
  9. Signaling for Rescue Know the rules for signaling for rescue. Use brightly colored fabric at the highest elevation to attract help. Anything reflective that can catch the suns rays and reflect it can produce a signal that’s visible for miles. Make large landmarks that look man-made and stand apart from your natural environment. For instance, make a large “X” in a clear contrasting area. Putting landmarks in a row of “three” is a distress symbol. Last but not least, use fire and smoke!
  10. First Aid / Survival Kit Hopefully this is already in your backpack or bug out bag! If not, order one right now or make your own. You should always have medicine or items to treat cuts or wounds. Infection is no joke! Throw some other essentials in there like a small water filter or fire starter.

Source: primedforsurvival.com

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