Economic Collapse. When It Hits the Fan Cash Will Be King

Mother Nature can be a bear, its true. But the worst and most devastating crisis you are likely to face in your lifetime will not be caused by an act of nature, but an act of man. And when it does, your biggest threat is not going to come from anything blowing in the wind, or walking on four legs!


Prepare and Survive Economic Collapse

Is The World Financial System on the verge of a catastrophic failure? Respected experts say that if you know your history, the answer is a definite “Yes.” The US has been through 3 major financial upheavals in the past. Current word events indicate that the fourth, and quite possibly the worst yet, could be just over the horizon.

A World Financial crisis of the magnitude that could be coming will be as devastating to your way of life as any Hurricane, or Earthquake – and you must be equally prepared!

What you must do immediately is move at least 10% of your net worth into gold or silver bouillon or coins, put them in your own safekeeping – not a bank vault or safety deposit box.

In the event of a full economic collapse, forget about getting your money out of a bank, and don’t think the FDIC will protect your assets it won’t. By putting 10-20% of your savings in physical silver or gold coins, that’s a percentage of your savingsthat will be spared.

Besides that, have at least one-month worth of expenses on hand in your home safe in cold hard cash. Yes, paper currency will be devalued very quickly during such a crisis – that is why you want your physical silver or gold. But in the very beginning, cash will be king. The cash should be in small bill denominations, 20’s, 10’s, 5’s & 1’s. Stores that have supplies will not take credit cards for sure. And ATMs will be non-working, exhausted, or looted very quickly.

So what are the warning signs that the Financial Crisis is creeping up on your backdoor?

Look for lack of investments; higher interest rates; unemployment – and especially hyperinflation. If your bank starts coming up with excuses not to give you your money right away when you want to close an account, that’s usually a sign of impending collapse.


Besides the steps to protect your assets, and to have some valid currency, you MUST prepare for a Financial Meltdown, just as you would for any major natural disaster that could leave you figuratively and literally “out in the cold.”

Make sure your Bug Out Bag(s) are packed, fresh, and ready, and do the same for your Shelter- in-Place Emergency supplies. Have at least 3 weeks to one month of stored food and supplies in place, as things could get ugly.

If you have prepared a Safe House, be sure it too, is well-stocked, and consider Bugging Out to it ASAP, before things get really bad. It’s not safe on the streets, and if you are going to have to stay safe in your home, that means you are going to have to defend it. A lot of hardcore preppers think they need to build a fortress, armed to the teeth, that’s just Hollywood BS.

Forget the zombies and fantasy-land, but a likely real scenario for the U.S. is an economic collapse followed by several months of panic and turmoil until order is restored.

Listen very carefully. The only reason that an “ordinary law-abiding citizen” would ever have to venture beyond the safety of his or her home during a time of crisis is if there was no power, and you needed food or water. As long as you have food and water supplies in your home, and some portable or alternative power, you can

stay where you will be safest – inside.

The major Emergency Management Agencies say you need to have enough food and water to “shelter-in-place” for at least three days. That’s BS. If the Sh*t hits the fan the stink is going to stick around for a lot longer than three days. You need to be prepared to stick it out for at least three weeks, maybe more.



  • Arm yourself. Owning at least one firearm will give you the peace of mind that you can protect your family as well as the capability to do it. However, you should not own a firearm without being properly trained how to use it.
  • Reinforce all of your doors. Most criminals don’t know how to or even try topick locks; they just kick in the door. But if you have a sturdy door that can’t be busted down very easily, they’re likely to just move on to the next house.
  • Get motion detector lights. Especially the kind that run on solar or batteries, in case of a power outage. Criminals don’t like to be seen, and if a bright light hits them they’ll probably flee. I recommend Cooper Lighting’s MSL180W

Motion Activated Solar Floodlight. Its bright, easily installed with no

additional wiring, and you can get them on Amazon or at Home Depot for around $80.00 each,

  • Get an alarm. Make sure it is loud, and again, make sure it will work if the power is out. If you don’t have the budget for a major home security system, just pick up a few doorknob alarms. You can get these online or at Home Depot for about 10 bucks.
  • Reinforce your windows. Windows are just too easy to break through and too tempting. If you live on a ground floor put bars over all your windows.
  • Build a security fence. It has to go all the way around your property and be at least seven feet high. Yeah a determined criminal might find a way past it, but they may not want to try, and just move on to an easier target. The key to most of these measures is deterrence.

Use a decoy safe. Your “real” safe should be very well hidden, but get a decoy safe that is fairly easy to find and filled with some cash, junk jewelry and documents that look important, but aren’t. Special Ops love the art of diversion. Use your “real” looking decoy safe, and put your valuables in a diversion safe that looks like a book, or various household items, like toiletries or drink cans.

  • Get a big dog – Enough said.


Stay safe,


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  1. Thanks for the post. So many websites telling you to have 6 months or even a years worth of food on hand. Why? So, the government can confiscate it all? And how many families can actually do that? I think what you are saying is more reasonable. Focus first on having enough food and water to get by until the dust settles – a month or two.

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