The Most Probable Crises You Need To Prepare For In 2021

The year 2020 has been declared by many to be “the worst year in history.” But that name has been given to other years before.

In 2018, a medieval scholar named Michael McCormick declared the year 536 AD as the worst in history. During that year, much of the world went dark, possibly due to a volcanic eruption. This caused a fall in the temperature, crops to fail and many to die.

But then there’s 1349, when the Black Death wiped out half of Europe. Other years had their own problems.

Whether history will decide that 2020 was worse than 536 or 1349 is something that none of us will see. Nevertheless, it could easily be the worst one in our lifetimes. But that too is yet to be seen. We don’t know what the future might hold.

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There are many who are acting like they think the world will change at the stroke of midnight on December 31st, doing away with all the problems and replacing this bad year with a good one. I don’t see anything to tell me that things will suddenly get better, just like they didn’t in 537 or 1350.

If anything, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they actually got worse. I have nothing to back that up, just a gut feeling. But I can’t ignore it.

Having that gut feeling, I’ve looked around, searching out the most likely crisis situations to confront us in the coming year.

The Most Probable Crises You Need To Prepare For In 2021

Another Surge of COVID-19

It’s only appropriate to start out with the pandemic that has defined 2020. For months, I’ve been hearing people make statements that sound like they believe that COVID will disappear on January 1st. Yet, medical experts are already warning us that we will need to keep all precautions in place until well into 2022. The idea that this disease will just disappear is unrealistic, to say the least.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw another massive surge in people becoming infected with COVID-19 in the coming year. First of all, there will be a surge in January, caused by people getting together for Christmas. Whole families will come down with the disease, as it spreads through the family, having been brought to the party by one family member.

The Most Likely Crises To Prepare For In 2021That’s not the surge I’m concerned about though. The one I’m seeing is the one that will come when everyone suddenly decides that we no longer need to wear masks and practice social distancing.

Whether that happens because officials decide that it’s safe to lift those restrictions or because of people just plain getting fed up with the restrictions on their lives, it’s going to come. When it does, we’ll see another massive surge.

We’ve already seen this happen in last summer’s surge. Once lockdown restrictions were lifted, many people took that to mean they could go back to life as normal, even though officials were warning against that. They didn’t listen and many got the disease.

Another Pandemic on the Heels of COVID

I can’t help, but feel that COVID-19 has been a dress rehearsal for something bigger that’s coming; a much worse pandemic, which is going to sweep the globe.

As with many pandemics, there’s a good chance that this one is going to come out of China, just like COVID-19 did and like so many other diseases have since the Black Plague.

There are those who are saying that COVID was actually an act of biological warfare on the Chinese government’s part. The jury is still out on that. But either way, the communist government definitely took advantage of it.

The Most Likely Crises To Prepare For In 2021

Considering that the government lab it supposedly escaped from was studying viruses from bats, and that it is still studying a couple of other viruses from bats, it’s natural to wonder how many other such labs the Chinese have and how many viruses they are studying.

If, in fact, the Chinese government released the Coronavirus on the world intentionally, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume they’ve got something bigger waiting in the wings. It’s just a question of how soon it will take center stage.

Civil Unrest

The other big thing that 2020 was known for was civil unrest. Ever since George Floyd was killed in May, we’ve seen protests and riots breaking out across the country.

While peaceful protest is part of the American culture, a right guaranteed to us by the First Amendment, rioting is criminal activity. In many cases, it appears that the rioting was sparked by infiltrators into what started out to be peaceful protest.

The Most Likely Crises To Prepare For In 2021Some might say that the riots were politically motivated and that the results of the elections could either cause an increase in the rioting or an end to it.

But that would assume that the rioting was politically motivated, with those rioting being against some government policy or other.

That just isn’t the case, while the riots have been hidden under the mantle of the Black Lives Matter protests, they were not actually started by those protesting police killings. Rather, it seems they were started by ANTIFA, which is after anarchy.

Remember CHOP or CHAZ? That was all about kicking out the local government. It was immaterial who was in authority; they just wanted to get rid of that authority. This is the same group which is affiliated with all the other rioting.

Gun and Ammunition Shortages

The Most Likely Crises To Prepare For In 2021

As we go into the end of the year, we’re facing shortages of guns and ammo across the nation. This started out because of the rioting and has continued through today.

The ammo shortages in the stores are even worse than they were during Obama’s presidency and online prices for ammo have skyrocketed.

With the ongoing risk of civil unrest, there is no end to the surge in gun and ammunition sales in sight. We can not only expect them to continue, but possibly even increase, as people who might be a little bit behind in getting on board this particular train climb on.

Chances are, the shortages of ammo will continue considerably longer than the shortage of firearms, as people go to the range to practice using their new purchases.

If you aren’t already doing so, I’d recommend stockpiling whatever you can and considering loading your own ammo. Although, I will have to say that there’s a shortage of reloading supplies too.

Other Shortages

The Most Likely Crises To Prepare For In 2021The panic associated with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rumors of coming lockdowns caused a massive amount of panic buying in the stores, leading to shortages. As time went on, those shortages increased, due to things like workers in meat packing plants coming down with the disease.

It took months for the stores to reach normal stocking levels again. But once there was talk about a second lockdown, the shortages started up again.

With another surge in COVID already happening, we’re looking at the possibility of another nationwide lockdown. That’s already happening in some states.

While the president doesn’t have the authority, constitutionally speaking, to make that happen, whoever is president can influence national opinion and put pressure on the governors of the several states to do so. But the threat of him doing such a thing will probably cause shortages once again.

Our Rights Under Attack

The government has been in all out war against our Constitutional rights for years, specifically the first, second and fourth amendments. One of the greatest dangers we face today, is that of either political party controlling both houses of Congress and the Presidency.

Were that to happen, they could turn a number of that party’s hobby horses into law, specifically, limiting our religious freedom, turning “free speech” into “hate speech” whenever it doesn’t agree with their agenda and limiting our rights to own firearms.

The Most Likely Crises To Prepare For In 2021A large part of what makes America unique is the Bill of Rights. Many countries have copied our Constitution; but rarely do they copy our Bill of Rights… at least, not all of it.

But it is those 10 Amendments to the Constitution which give us liberty, not the Constitution itself.

Another part of this is the way that the modern version of political correctness puts the rights of some people above those of others.

Specifically, putting the rights of minority groups above what is mainstream in “flyover country.” Muslim rights trump Christian rights. Transgender rights trump women’s rights. And of course, the rights of any progressive trump those of any conservative.

Return of Political Correctness

Perhaps one of the biggest changes brought about by Donald Trump’s presidency was to destroy the idea of political correctness, even though that wasn’t part of his job. Not only was he politically incorrect, but he was unashamed about it, firing back at those who took shots at him. Some said that wasn’t presidential, but it was Trump.

Yet the media hasn’t slowed down any in their push for political correctness, along with their allies in Hollywood. That has given birth to the “cancel culture” of today, where people’s lives and careers are being ruined by something they did 20 or 30 years ago, even though it was acceptable back then.

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Natural Disasters

2020 was a horrible year for hurricanes and other natural disasters.

The Most Likely Crises To Prepare For In 2021

While I don’t believe that those were caused by “global warming” by whatever name they are using today, I do see them as coming and going in cycles.

Based on that, it would be normal to expect 2021 to be a year of few natural disasters, because 2020 was so bad.

But I don’t believe that will happen. If anything, I expect 2021 to be a worse year for natural disasters than 2020 has been. It won’t be because of climate change, but rather because the world is trending in that direction.

Iran and North Korea Turning Militant

With Biden taking over from Trump in the White House, a number of things will happen on the world stage. For example, Biden has already declared that he will rejoin the Paris Climate Accords, which Trump pulled us out of. There’s also talk from his transition team about rejoining Obama’s agreement with Iran.

If we look back, both Iran and North Korea were doing a lot of saber rattling during past years. Why that happened is up for debate. But what’s not up for debate is that they both quieted down during the last four years. Bad actors like that, similar to the neighborhood gang, only understand strength. The only one who gets them to behave is one who convinced them that they could beat them with one hand tied behind their back.

But they’ve been quiet all too long, considering who they are. One of the things we typically see on the world stage is these sorts of countries testing our president, whoever they might be. Whether we end up with Biden or Trump in the White House, we can expect that once again. They might see Biden as an opportunity or might think that all the legal battles show that Trump’s position has been weakened.

Whichever it is, they’ll be looking for an opportunity that they can use to their advantage. The question will become, how effectively are we able to counter their actions.

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Anything Else?

So there’s the list of things I’m looking for in this coming year. Did I miss anything? Is there something that you’re expecting this coming year, which I didn’t mention?

Is that something the rest of us should be preparing for too? Let us know.


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