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The Five Best Places To Bug Out In The USA

I don’t care who you are or where you live, bugging out is one of the most complex scenarios for any prepper. [...]

Make a Bug out Plan – 5 Ways to Maximize Your Survival Preparedness

It can be argued that making a Bug out Plan is as/or even more important than having a Bug out Bag packed, as one can escape mortal danger with or without a [...]

B.O.B. Mistakes That Can Get You Killed

Bugging out is a last ditch option in times of need, yet a situation that one should consider. However, families all over the country are forced from their [...]

17 Survival Items You DON’T Need In Your Bug Out Bag

A while ago I wrote an article called 50 Items You Forgot To Put In Your Bug Out Bag. Several readers complained, saying things like, “How the hell am I [...]

10 Forgotten Bug out Bag Items

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10 Bug Out Bag Mistakes That Can Get You Killed

Bugging out is a last ditch option in times of need, yet a situation that one should consider. However, families all over the country are forced from their [...]

Bug In Or Bug Out? What’s Your Best Choice If SHTF?

When you’re faced with an impending disaster the question often becomes “should I stay or should I go?” There really is no definitive answer, because it [...]


Among survivalists it’s called a “Go Bag” or “Bug Out Bag”, or just “BOB”, but no matter what you call it, it could be your most essential piece [...]

Updating Your Survival Kit: 13 Things You Might Not Think to Include

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Disaster Supplies Kit: Basic Items And Tips

After a disaster help from the authorities will come but they cannot reach everyone in a short time. It could take hours or days before you will get help. In [...]


BUG OUT BAG LIST I know, I know….The last thing the World Wide Web needs is another Bug Out Bag List (well, that and pictures of adorable pets and babies), [...]

Winter survival kit:car kit basics checklist

Winter travel especially by passenger car, is serious business.You should always carry a survival kit just in case.Your kit can be as extensive as you want,but [...]

The Top 5 Ultimate Medicinal Herbs For Your Bug Out Bag

By Keven Card Medicinal herbs are among the most useful items for preppers. First aid and health care are among the most essential needs for human survival. [...]

Items to Avoid in Bug-Out Bags

It’s amazing how much information you can find on what essentials you have to pack into your bug out bag, but very little on what you should avoid. Knowing [...]

Building Your Bugout Bag: The Complete Infographic Checklist

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How to Pack your Bug Out Bag

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Bug Out Bag Confusion: The 72-Hour Kit Vs. Sustainability Kit

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Building Your Bug Out Bag: Full Checklist And Complete Infographic

When you are assembling your Bug Out bag, most people begin with scouring the internet looking for ideas. If you are like me, this will invariably lead to a [...]

5 Ways To Shave Weight Off Your Bug-Out Bag

I`ve been trying to put together the perfect bug-out bag for a long time now. I kept taking things out and replaced them with lighter, smaller alternatives. [...]

Bug Out Vehicles & Locations

Whether you’re planning for the potential evacuation of your home due to an emergency such as a hurricane, tornado or flood, or you’re interested in [...]