Simulation: New Madrid Quake Would Kill 100,000 Instantly & Displace 7 Million

If you live in and around Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi you might want to consider the following – then again, if you’re reading this web site you probably already have: [...]

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Prelude to Economic Disaster: Billionaire Liquidates All Real Estate Ahead of Crash

If you were to contact a real estate agent in any major market today they’d likely advise you the market is so “hot” that if you intend on purchasing property you’d [...]

Five Life-Saving Skills Your Kids Should Know

We all love our children and would give our own lives to protect them. Unfortunately, life doesn't always allow us to be there with our children, and it is very important that [...]

Survival Guide for Getting Lost in the Forest

Forest provides beautiful sites for camping, hiking and going for leisure. However this natural beauty may sometimes turn to be the worst nightmare specially when lost. [...]

Prepping for Disaster at Work

You have a bug out bag in your car and near the front door of your house so you can grab them easily in an emergency.  You have plenty of food and water in your pantry and [...]

This Chart Shows Us How Bad The Economy Really Is: “Flashing Red Warning”

Recent weeks have led to a fairly significant drop in stock valuations, with many expert analysts struggling to figure out exactly why it’s happening. You’ll hear them [...]

The Forgotten Prep: Building a Nest Egg

Beans. Bullets. Band-aids. That’s the on alliteration that many people in the prepper community use to refer to the three main components of a good coffer. [...]

The Reckoning: “All Evidence Points to US Economic Failure in 2014″

Earlier this week economic strategist Marc Faber warned that some time in the next 12 months the U.S. stock market will experience a crash worse than the massive drop seen in [...]

A Collection Of Survival and Prepping Tips

What I am going to share here is just tips that can be filed away for the time they are needed. Some may not work in your area or be applicable, but hopefully there will be [...]

Sneaky Tricks to Scare the Looters

Looters are a serious problem that accompanies any disaster. If you don’t believe me, just look at Hurricane Katrina; the city was underwater, but the looters were out, [...]

What is the Best Kind of Milk for Food Storage?

I don’t think the average person realizes how much they utilize milk and dairy products.  If you don’t own a milk cow or goat, in an emergency/crisis event, you might [...]

5 Items to Include in Your Prepper Car Kit.

You’ve done the research, made a plan and stocked up on non-perishables, and now your home is a prepper’s paradise. But what if an emergency happens while you’re on the [...]

16 Signs That Most Americans Are NOT PREPARED For The Coming Economic Collapse

Sometimes I think that I sound like a broken record.  I am constantly using phrases such as “get prepared while you still can” and “time is running out”.  In fact, I [...]