The Best Place To Live In The United States? Here Are 9 Maps To Consider

If you could live anywhere in America during the tumultuous years ahead, where would it be?  This is a topic that is hotly debated, and the truth is that there is not a single right answer.  If you have a very strong family support system where you are, it might not be right to try to move 2000 miles away and start a new life from scratch.  And for many Americans, moving is out of the question in the short-term because they are completely and totally dependent on employment in their local areas.  But in recent years we have seen an increasing number of Americans strategically relocate to another region of the country.  They can see our society breaking down and they can see the storm clouds on the horizon and they want to do what they can to prepare themselves and their families for what is ahead.

So is there a “best place to live” in the United States?

Are there some areas that are preferable to others?  The following are 9 maps to consider…

The Best Place To Live In The United States? Here Are 9 Maps To Consider

#1 Population Density

When the U.S. economy crashes and civil unrest starts erupting in our cities, ideally you will want to be living in an area with low population density.  In other words, the fewer people around the better.  The map below represents population density with a series of yellow dots.  As you can see, the west coast and the eastern half of the nation are generally very crowded.  So if you are looking for an area with lots of “breathing room”, the area between the Mississippi River and the west coast is a good place to look.

Population-Density-Moonshadow-Mobile-460x252 The Best Place To Live In The United States

#2 Average Precipitation

Unfortunately, the western half of the nation is also generally very dry.  So if you are planning to grow your own food during a time of economic and social turmoil, that is something to keep in mind.  There are a few areas between the Mississippi River and the west coast that do get plenty of rainfall (northern Idaho for example), but those areas are few and far between.

Average-Precipitation-United-States-Public-Domain-460x309 The Best Place To Live In The United States

#3 Drought

The latest national map from the U.S. Drought Monitor is the next map that I have shared.  The multi-year drought in the state of California is already the worst drought in the recorded history of the state, and many scientists believe that it could stretch on for many more years.  But it isn’t just California that has been suffering.  There are other areas in the Southwest that are starting to resemble the Dust Bowl days as well.  So obviously these areas are not ideal if you plan to be self-sufficient and grow much of your own food during a time of great crisis.

March-17-2015-US-Drought-Monitor The Best Place To Live In The United States

#4 Average Snowfall

If you don’t like cold and snow, you will want to avoid the colored areas on this next map.  And if you do plan to live in an area that gets plenty of cold and snow, you will want to have a solid plan for heating your home if the electrical grid goes down and is not available for an extended period of time.

Average-Annual-Snowfall-460x293 The Best Place To Live In The United States

#5 Average Homicides

In the years ahead, crime in the United States is likely to rise dramatically.  If you are looking for somewhere safe, the areas that have relatively low crime rates right now will probably be better than areas that have relatively high crime rates right now.  In general, rates of violent crime are higher in our major cities and in the Southeast.

Homicides-Per-100000-Population-Photo-by-Delphi234-460x306 The Best Place To Live In The United States

#6 Taxes

For a lot of people, tax rates are extremely important when choosing a place to live.  This next map shows the states where the state income tax rate is zero.  But please keep in mind that there are other reasons why some of these states may be undesirable during an emergency situation.

No-Income-Tax-Photo-by-Lokal_Profil-460x284 The Best Place To Live In The United States

#7 Nuclear Power Plants

We have all seen what a single nuclear power plant disaster can do in Japan.  Well, in a future disaster scenario, we could potentially be facing multiple “Fukushimas” all at once here in the United States.  The map below shows where nuclear reactors are located throughout America.  You might want to think twice before moving in right next door to one.

Nuclear-Power-Plants-Public-Domain-460x262 The Best Place To Live In The United States

#8 Tornadoes

A single giant tornado can absolutely shred the best laid plans of any family.  There are some that feel completely and totally comfortable living right in the heart of “Tornado Alley”, and there are others that very much would like to avoid any area that is at high risk for tornadoes.  As you can see from the map below, the highest risk areas are generally in the Southeast part of the nation.

Tornado-Watches-Per-Year-Public-Domain-460x345 The Best Place To Live In The United States

Of course tornadoes are far from the only natural disaster to consider when choosing a place to live.  For much more on all of this, check out these articles…

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#9 Politics

For many Americans, moving to a politically-compatible area of the country is extremely important.  The map below uses red and blue to represent the average margin of victory in recent presidential elections.  The states that are very red voted very heavily for Republican candidates.  The states that are very blue voted very heavily for Democratic candidates.  The states that are purple were in the middle.  But it is important to remember that there are areas within each state that tend to be more conservative or liberal than the state overall.

Presidential-Victory-Margins-Photo-by-Ninjatacoshell-460x284 The Best Place To Live In The United States

I noted more thoughts for each individual state in my previous article entitled “What Is The Best Place To Live In America? Pros And Cons For All 50 States“.  But wherever you go, the truth is that no place is going to be perfect.

The more rural you are, the higher the cost of building, maintaining equipment and commuting to civilization—and, the higher your expenses for services including utilities, alternate energy and internet connectivity.  The more your priorities emphasize closeness to a community, the higher your risks will be during a social meltdown, and the more precise must be your preparations to bug out to a separate retreat. So, as you see, there are always compromises in life, no matter if you spend $50,000 on your property or millions, there is no perfect property that will meet all your criteria. Focus on what’s most important for you, your family and/or group.

That was very well said.

No matter what other people are doing, you have to make the choices that are right for you and your family.

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So what is your perspective on all of this?

What do you think is the best place to live in the United States?

Please feel free to add to the discussion by posting a comment below…





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19 Replies to “The Best Place To Live In The United States? Here Are 9 Maps To Consider

    1. You do not want to live anywhere near the New Madrid Fault rips when it does the great lakes will drain into the Gulf of Mexico.

    2. you are so right. all kinds of info., reports, maps continue to leave Tennessee off the list. The state is also a strong pro-gun state and the dems. are on the outside looking in currently. The GOP ain’t always conservative, except anything beats a dem.


  1. One thing to consider is this: many people from the east half will migrate to the rural areas if they can. Illinois is NOT a good place to be, as it will be inundated with refugees from Chicago and St. Louis. Most of the “border” states, Iowa, Missouri, etc. will catch the overflow of those who have the ability to migrate west after SHTF event.

  2. Tennessee does NOT have an income tax!! This is not accurately reflected all across the nation. West Tennessee is flat, and home to Memphis with a top 10 most dangerous rating by the FBI; sometimes higher, this year it is # 5. Middle Tennessee is noticeably better on crime. Nashville is the capitol, and not crime ridden, but political corruption out the butt. I live in Murfreesboro, 30 miles south of Nashville and Rutherford county is 100% corrupt in the legal (not justice) system. Current sheriff is under 2 or more major investigations, Entire county legal system is being sued by probationers for extortion in a federal suit. Rutherford County is the most corrupt place I have ever lived. Area is growing faster than services. Music and healthcare business. But if I can ever leave I will due to political and legal serious short comings. East Tennessee is rural, hilly or mountainous, but Oakridge is in the area. Nuclear facility where two bombs were developed to drop on Japan. Knoxville is not a mega city. I don’t like being east of Oakridge. Still no damn taxes. High sales tax. Weather is generally nice and moderate. The law enforcement runs unilaterally and independently at will. It is like a fifedom. There is no oversight, checks or balances. False arrests, hateful treatment, and jail deaths far too often. East Tennessee is only possibility, but consider Oakridge. Reports one read are not often correct, outdated, or have an agenda. My report is truth serum, plain and simple.

  3. Where is the map, with the breakdown of density of blacks, hispaniks, and gang activities?
    … (would probably parallel the homicide map pretty closely)

  4. I live in Colorado, and even though it gets snow and cold, it never stays long, and the temps get pretty warm in the winter, with the sun here is warms up really fast, and there are lots of places to hide.

  5. Ha! I’ve got the best place to go and I’d be a fool to share that with anyone. Looking at this map, all you’re doing is telling people where to go. Not to self, avoid any of those places, too. Preppers will fight each other just as quick as non-preppers will in the cities.

  6. NH does not have a state income tax either. based on this information in the article, I am good right where I am. 🙂

  7. Bangor Maine. Maine is one of the only states that is protected from EMP. End of the line till Canada. 2 hours drive (with small towns in between) from nearest large city: Portland, 4 from boston. Small city, nothing but farm and wilderness in most directions, 1 hour from coast so not isolated from overseas assistance. City could probably subsist if cut off from outside.

  8. Ludowici, GA. Small town, 2 elementary schools, 1 middle and 1 high school. We also have one stop in the town. We are in between Gainesville and Jesup. One hour from the Atlantic Ocean, one hour from North from Savannah, and two hours south from Jacksonville, FL. Great weather, mild to moderate winters, and yes, we do have a state income tax. It is beautiful here and lots of places to visit and things to do. Savannah has the river front stores and good places to eat. Lots of history, civil war, and haunted tours you can take.

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