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Mental Preparedness – Finding Your Inner Badass

When you are up against it and you want to get out alive – you need to be a badass. It doesn’t matter if “it” is a hurricane, an earthquake, or an [...]

5 Tips For Preparing A Defense Against Home Invasion

Bad guys are becoming more bold and aggressive. Understanding that valuable items and softer targets are more likely located in more affluent areas they are [...]

40 Unique Places to Stash Firearms

Written by The ITS Crew Today’s article comes to you from the ITS Forums via Doc of RSKTKR Consulting. We thought this was such a great topic that we [...]

Sambo:Russian Commando Beat Down: How to Win a Fight with Your Bare Hands

by Mikhail Didenko, author of Physical and Mental Aspects of Street Self-Defense. Combat Sambo for Self Defense Techniques Adapted from Martial Arts Once [...]

Holiday Prepping: How To Be Prepared Against Different Holiday Threats

The winter holidays are coming and you should know the do’s and don’ts to survive the hectic schedule and to truly enjoy what the celebration is all about [...]

Survival In A Confrontation With Multiple Attackers

Survival In A Confrontation With Multiple Attackers My close friend and colleague “David A” (real name withheld for security reasons) is a former Israeli [...]

Home Safety Now and During a Crisis

We all know disaster could strike at any time and it’s possible you could find yourself and your family in a crisis situation at a moment’s notice. This is [...]

Protecting Your Home With Defensive Bushes

Most people like to keep their homes equally inviting on the inside and outside. This is especially true in modern-day suburbia where many homeowners keep [...]

Give You, Your Family and Your Assets the Protection they need with the Best Home and Personal Self Defense

I see it over and over again; break ins, burglaries, robberies and home invasions in the quiet suburbs of an upper middle class to affluent area. In the world [...]

Disaster Defense: Preparing for Looters

In any survival situation, looting will be a problem, especially in highly populated areas. Unfortunately, the worse the disaster is, the more looting that [...]

Top Five Rifles to Buy Before an Assault Weapons Ban

With a renewed push from the Obama administration to impose new, more restrictive gun control legislation following yet another poorly reported on shooting, [...]

Disaster Aftermath: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Members of the preparedness community often remind people to be prepared, and to focus on the survival basics; and nothing is more basic than food, water, [...]

Safety Equipment Basics: 8 Items You Will Always Need

Whether you live alone, are walking through a big city, or driving in an unfamiliar area, it is important to always remember safety procedures. Most of the [...]

Preppers: You only Rise To The Level Of Your Training

There are certain realities that some Preppers and others may not be dealing with or refuse to deal with. One reality that everyone needs to deal with, and [...]

4 Simple Self Defense Techniques

When it comes to basic self defense technique, it does not have to be complicated, and in fact it (the technique) will arguably be MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE if it is [...]

Can Your Home Security System Withstand a Grid-Down Scenario?

For survivalists who want to depend on their home when it comes to prepping, creating a reliably sustainable household is one of the most crucial steps. [...]