The #1 thing a prepper should grow – and you’ve probably never heard of it

  Less than a year ago I was watching a YouTube video on gardening and agriculture and I came across the plant known as the Moringa Tree. Found primarily in the foothills of the Himalayas, this plant is a true “Super-food” and is slowly becoming described by some medical professionals as “the Miracle Tree.” This tree has been used in Indian [...]

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Seed Freedom, Not GMOs, the Answer to Malnutrition and Hunger

What happens to the seed affects the web of life. When seed is living, regenerative and diverse, it feeds pollinators, soil organisms and animals—including humans. When seed [...]

‘Eat Drink Vote,’ a useful illustrated guide to food politics

From the cover of Marion Nestle's "Eat Drink Vote" The story of how pizza became a vegetable in school lunches in the introduction of Marion [...]

How much money do you save when baking your own bread?

           Bread baking is what made me fall in love with being in the kitchen. This may surprise you as I haven’t shared a lot of bread recipes online, but [...]

Are you a pantry stocker?

  I grew up in the suburbs (still live there actually) where grocery shopping was done once a week, and the pantry was stocked with canned goods [...]

Homemade Probiotic Salsa Verde Recipe

I love a good salsa verde sauce, especially over enchiladas. In my quest to eliminate commercial bought products and make my own healthier foods, I decided to try my hand at [...]

Minnesota organic farm profit rises sharply

Profits at Minnesota's organic farms made a big jump in 2012. A report released Tuesday by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the University of Minnesota's Center [...]

GMOs explained – a public service announcement from the Health Ranger / Natural News

This short, 3-minute video is the perfect way to introduce new people to the subject of GMOs. [...]

Hedge Funds, Insider Traders Begin Dumping Monsanto Stock as Reality of GMOs Sinks In Across Wall Street

 Monsanto executives and insiders are dumping Monsanto stock in record volumes, sending the stock price spiraling downward. CEO Hugh Grant just sold off 40,000 shares at [...]

Frugal Foraging – Three Wild Mushrooms I Have Loved

Having spent three years living wild in the woodlands close to the Daniel Boone National Forest in Northeast Kentucky, I rediscovered some of the Earth’s bounty that [...]

Home Grind – The Art Of Making Your Own Flour

Another quite small and frugal tool that can provide health benefits far beyond the modest monetary savings that can be had, is the grain mill. This simple grinder turns [...]

Food Storage; Cheese

Most of us love cheese. I know I do! We buy a lot of cheese in our house and keep it in our deep freezer. Store bought, cold cheese can stay in your freezer for about 3 months [...]

Sugar in Your Pantry?

Sugar In Your Pantry or Not? There may be two drastically different ways of viewing sugars today. One could be caused by the economy and the skyrocketing prices, where you [...]

Preparing Canned Onions

Onions are a staple ingredient in many recipes. Their savory flavor often is the finishing touch to your favorite meal. Canning and preserving onions leaves them soft but [...]

How to Can Fresh Green Beans

Garden fresh green beans are a staple for any pantry. When you can green, string, Italian, or wax beans, select beans that are tender and small. Remove the ends and strings [...]

Key Tricks for Mastering Canning and Preserving

Canning and preserving methods are simple and safe, and can produce food that’s nutritious and delicious. Mastering the techniques and becoming a successful food preserver [...]

Markets Bring Greens to Consumers, Greenbelts to Cities, Green to Farmers

Nothing says late summer like a farmers market, where a cornucopia of produce overflows to delight the taste buds and other senses -- juicy tomatoes and peaches bursting with [...]

Certified Naturally Grown: More farmers are using an alternative label to organic

SCHAGHTICOKE, N.Y. -- Justine and Brian Denison say they adhere to all the growing practices required for organic certification, yet if they label their beans and tomatoes [...]

The GM safety dance: What’s rule and what’s real

In my initial foray in this series looking for facts behind the rhetoric on transgenic food, I reasoned that, since we can’t eliminate risk, we’d better have the right [...]

Genetically modified seed research: What’s locked and what isn’t

In the next few posts, I’m going to look at intellectual property rights in biotechnology and corporate influence over science. There are huge, philosophical issues to [...]

CAPLAN: GMO Crops versus Traditional Plant Breeding

I got into a friendly discussion about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) with some friends on Facebook over the weekend. Readers urged me to write a short article about [...]