You live in a world where so-called modern wonder drugs, laboratories, and equipment have obscured more “primitive” yet highly effective types of medicine involving determination, common sense, and a few simple treatments. [...]

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A Massive Electromagnetic Pulse Could Collapse The Economy In A Single Moment

What would you do if all the lights went out and they never came back on?  That is a question that the new NBC series “Revolution" asks, but most people have no idea that a [...]

Bugging Out vs. Hunkering Down

  The very idea of leaving the security of your home to “bug out” to the woods has never sat well with me – In nearly every instance it’s better to hunker down [...]

Anonymous : Warning To Americans! USD Collapse, Martial Law, FEMA Camps, And RFIDs (Video)

A warning from Anonymous in regards to Martial Law, FEMA camps, RFID Chips, and the complete take over of the world by the Elite. Anonymous also warns of the impending [...]

The Right Gun For The Fight

Ask any “gun guy,” and he’ll not only have an opinion, he’ll have the opinion. Ask any “pistol-packing mama,” and she’ll not only offer an answer, she’ll offer [...]

Bug-Out Backup: How to Find Shelter Undergound

Shelter is widely understood as being one of the top needs for survival. More than anything, shelter provides a means of protection from adverse weather, helping us to [...]

Growing Potatoes in Straw: A Labor-Saving/Better Harvest Technique

As a preparedness-minded person (& chief cook / bottle-washer), I often evaluate foods based on their shelf-life, ability to fill the eater up, adaptability in cooking, [...]

Nuclear War Preparedness…with an Eye Patch?

I recently learned an interesting fact about the readiness state of pilots during nuclear war scenarios. Interestingly, at DEFCON 2 (the second highest level), pilots in the [...]

Meet Directive 3025.18 Granting Obama Authority To Use Military Force Against Civilians

This article was originally published at Zero Hedge While the "use of armed [unmanned aircraft systems] is not authorized," The Washington Times uncovering of a 2010 [...]

Do You Have What it Takes? How to Survive the Apocalypse

At any moment, some disaster could occur that completely changes your life. Whether it be some chain-reaction natural disaster, war breaking out on American soil, or the [...]

10 Medicinal Weeds That May Grow In Your Backyard

For thousands of years, man has looked to nature to cure disease. In the last decade particularly, medicinal plants have been catapulted into mainstream culture, with the [...]

Jim Rogers US Dollar Bombshell! Giants Ditching US Dollar!!!

According to Jim Rogers in this brand new video report from Russia Today, we are now witnessing the historic end of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency as the [...]

The Importance of Survival Skills: Eight Skills to Develop

Survival is not just about prepping or the amusing antics of a television survivalist. Every day, real people find themselves in situations where comfort, if not survival, [...]